And we’re back! Almost…

Hello! First of all thank you if you have made it to this site! We’ve been around a few platforms and were amazed at the end of the day the percentages that were being taken out of what was sold. Not just shipping costs or credit card transactions, but in 11-30% of our revenue (not profits!) was taken up front, before any advertising or flat-rate memberships were taken into account. It turned out we couldn’t break even. Not only were we giving away the heartfelt things we were creating, but at the end of the day we were paying these other venues to do it. This wasn’t just bad for MMW, customers on the other side of the checkout counter had exorbitant prices tacked on and ended up spending so much more than they should have to.

So after some thought, it was decided. “Take control of your own future!” I became unsure that these platforms had the best interest of us or others, and I felt someone ought to.

So now, what has emerged from this soul seeking journey is Many Mini Worlds. A place where we can be ourselves and build, not rent, our own home to share what we’ve worked so hard to create with the world.

Just like a snow globe or a T.A.R.D.I.S., we aim to make MMW a place to show the mini worlds we’ve dreamed up that are “bigger on the inside.” In the coming days, we will be moving in, and we are excited to show everyone our journey! Thanks for coming. G